When CPSL was founded by Helga Pawlowsky in Barcelona in 1963, its main objective was to provide quality translations to Spanish companies that were finding an increasing need to communicate with the rest of the world. The pioneering spirit of our founder lived on throughout the following years, helping us to become what we are today: a recognized, internationally well-positioned company offering language services to help organizations open new markets and enable them to communicate in any language and culture.

Have a look at our timeline to find out more about the most important milestones in CPSL’s history, from international expansion to innovative solutions for meeting the ever-changing needs of our clients.

2015 - CPSL opens its first office on the east coast of the United States

CPSL continued its path of growth and, with increased demand in the US, it was a natural step to open an office in the US.

Our offices located in Boston allow us to be physically closer to our US clients and offer a round-the-clock service, 24/7/365, to all our clients.

2013 - CPSL celebrates its 50th anniversary by launching new technologies and obtaining ISO 13485 certification

CPSL develops SmartQA, a quality control tool

In 2013, we developed SmartQA, a tool that automatically detects errors that often escape the human eye and helps the translator guarantee that the correct terminology is used in each project. The use of this tool by the translators and revisers who work on projects enables us to raise the quality threshold of our translations, minimizing the possibility of errors in the delivered project.

CPSL integrates a machine translation engine within a TMS.

In line with our commitment to innovation and to improving our quality of service, we succeeded in including an automatic translation engine in a translation memory management system (TMS). This integration enables simultaneous work on the same project by different translators who share and feed a translation memory applied to the project. This provides our customers with better quality and greater coherence in the translated content, as well as shortening project lead times.

CPSL was pleased to announce the certification of its quality management system in accordance with ISO 13485

With the certification of our quality management system according to the ISO 13485 standard for healthcare products, we became a world reference language services organization for the healthcare industry.

CPSL celebrates its 50th anniversary

With a full portfolio of integrated language services, delivered to thousands of clients all over the world, the CPSL of 2013 was perhaps more than our founder Helga Pawlowsky ever dreamed it could be. We are a sole provider for companies that need to effectively manage their multilingual contents. Many of these firms are multinational companies who appear in Global Fortune 500, on the S&P Europe 350 index, or on Euro Stoxx.

All this is achieved thanks to the professionalism and commitment of our employees and our worldwide network of more than 3,500 outsourced resources. Our offices in Barcelona, Madrid, and Ludwigsburg, Germany, and our sales representation in the UK enable us to stay close to our clients. We are there where we can respond to their needs most effectively. And this has resulted in strong, long-lasting working relationships with our clients: some of our most important corporate clients have been with us for over 40 years, while some European Union organizations have worked with CPSL for 20 years.

In 2013, we marked our 50th year as a language service provider, and we hope to go on growing and improving the range and quality of our services.

Currently, we are one of the independent European translation companies that has been in the market the longest. Yet this has only been possible with the trust and loyalty of our ever-growing client base. We will continue to attend to their needs, so that we can respond with the innovation and quality of service they need to succeed in the global marketplace. We toast the next 50 years!

2011 - CPSL opts for Web 2.0

From our earliest days as a business, we have been committed to adopting new technologies and market trends and to initiating continuous improvements in our quality of service and customer care. With the change in the way we communicate brought on by our migration to Web 2.0, we updated the format and contents of our corporate website, www.cpsl.com and expanded our presence on the network thanks to a blog. We also opened up new channels of communication with our customers through profiles set up on social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

2010 - CPSL positions itself as one of the world's leading language service providers for the healthcare industry

With the continued growth of our portfolio of clients in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, which by 2010 gave us an annual volume of more than 10 million translated words, we launched a website specializing in the healthcare industry. Our goal was, firstly, to make available to our customers all industry-specific content, as well as information on our work processes that might be of interest to them, and secondly, to position ourselves as one of the global leaders in language services for the healthcare industry.

2008 - CPSL achieves UNE 15038 certification

UNE 15038 is an internationally recognized quality standard for the provision of translation services. Achieving certification is a guarantee of quality for our customers, since this standard requires the translation service provider to have a documented procedure for managing translation projects that covers everything from controlling and supervising the process of preparing a project and the translators’ and revisers’ abilities to the validating process for final delivery.

CPSL opens a new office in Ludwigsburg, Germany

To strengthen our company structure and services and achieve closer proximity to our growing number of German-based clients, we opened CPSL’s first German office in Ludwigsburg. This new venture resulted from CPSL’s buyout of Realtime Dokumentation & Tools GmbH, an industry leader in technical documentation and information management.

MyStep provides an innovative, customized solution for complex projects

MyStep, CPSL’s file exchange and project control tool, was born of the need for a tool to automatically handle very high volumes of files. While working with the European Parliament, we found that many hours of working time were spent on sending and organizing the huge number of files that the project workflow required on a daily basis. Our innovative spirit led us to develop MyStep to effectively surmount the difficulties that this project posed.

MyStep is an example of our ability and readiness to create innovative, custom-made solutions to bring our clients’ most complex projects to a successful conclusion.

CPSL achieves “large company” status

As our turnover hit a new level, increasing by 20 percent year-on-year in 2008, we achieved a new milestone in the steady growth of CPSL. These impressive results positioned CPSL in the “large company” tax category for the first time.

2007 - New UK sales representation brings us closer to clients in Northern Europe

Our client base continued to expand in 2007, and we responded by establishing new sales representation in the UK. This gave CPSL closer proximity to our clients throughout Northern Europe, allowing us to communicate with them more easily and to better respond to their requirements.

CPSL registers for DIN 15038

DIN 15038 is an internationally recognized quality standard for the delivery of translation services. It sets benchmarks, both for translation products and also for the company providing them. This includes personnel and technical resources, project management, contract conditions, work processes, and additional services offered.

2006 - CPSL FileBox, our secure file management portal, is launched

With the launch of CPSL FileBox, we continued to pursue our mission to provide clients with unique proprietary tools that make managing their translation projects easy and straightforward. FileBox is a file management tool that can be accessed securely from the internet. It allows our clients to share batches of files with their assigned CPSL project manager, while also keeping a record of all files sent. CPSL FileBox is available to all our clients.

Read more about CPSL FileBox

2005 - Meeting Point, CPSL's project information tool, is launched

With our in-house workflow management software, Lucas, in place, we seized the opportunity to capitalize on the up-to-date project status information it holds and offer a valuable new service to our clients.

CPSL Meeting Point is a project information tool that acts as a window into your translation projects. It lets you check the status of quotes, projects, and invoices online, at any time. All CPSL clients can access and make use of this tool 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at no added cost.

Read more about CPSL Meeting Point

2004 - ISO 9001 certification recognizes the quality of CPSL's services

As we broadened the variety and scope of the language services we offer, our next objective was to provide ourselves with capabilities to control and improve the processes that generate those services, always with a view to offering language solutions of the highest quality. In 2004, we won official recognition when CPSL obtained certification under the ISO 9001 quality standard.

The ISO 9001 standard establishes criteria for quality management by companies and is generally considered a measure of the quality of the services they provide. It is a hallmark of quality recognized worldwide and one that CPSL is proud to have.

2003 - First sales representation outside Spain established in Ireland

As our international portfolio of clients steadily expanded into more territories, we recognized the importance of having representatives based in close proximity to them. The sales representation established in Ireland in 2003 allowed us to better understand — and meet — the needs of our clients there. In 2007, this sales presence moved from Ireland to the UK.

CPSL launches the language consulting service

As world markets became increasingly open and globalized, we continued to create new and innovative ways to help our clients meet the new language challenges they were facing. In 2003, we launched the language consulting service. It is centered on optimizing the structure and organization of our clients’ multilingual contents so as to make maximum use of the potential of computer-assisted translation (CAT tools), offering our clients the possibility of reducing both the costs and lead times of their projects.

Although the language consultancy is more focused on software and website localization services, our clients can also benefit from it for any other service that involves the translation of multilingual content.

2000 - Lucas: our unique workflow management software

As an international language service company working with clients from all over the world, we needed the right tool to ensure that we could simultaneously process thousands of projects with the utmost efficiency. That is what led us to create Lucas, our automated workflow management application.

Lucas puts all of CPSL’s resources at our project managers’ fingertips, interconnecting our various departments and offices and structuring all the information on our projects according to procedures established in our ISO-certified quality management system. Lucas combines all our experience to provide highly efficient project management services. Thanks to the traceability it provides and the centralization of information, it allows us to cover the entire life cycle of a project: from the generation of a quote to the selection of resources through to the delivery of the project right up to the generation of invoices.

1999 - CPSL helps to create new EU quality standards for translation

The aim of the MLIS 3005 Quartet Project, which was championed and funded by the European Commission, was to develop new quality standards for translation. CPSL was one of four innovative companies that collaborated on this exciting project, reinforcing our position as one of Europe’s leading quality language services companies. Our participation in this project was an important milestone in our ongoing efforts to set up process workflows and smart technology that would enable us to produce controlled, consistently high-quality output. It was also the cornerstone of our journey towards becoming a quality-certified company,

1996 - Introduction of software localization services

At CPSL, our aim is to consistently deliver effective language solutions that meet the ever-changing globalization needs of our clients. By the mid-1990s, the international software market had grown to a size that allowed many of our clients to break into new global territories. We responded by expanding our services to include software localization, which enabled our clients to open new markets thanks to content suited to the target cultures and languages.

Read more about our Software Localization services.

1992 - CPSL wins one of its largest clients: the European Union

As CPSL continued to grow, both in terms of the quality of the services offered and the number of clients served, we also began to attract larger and more prestigious organizations to our client portfolio. One of the largest of these was the European Union (EU). The EU includes a group of major organizations that understandably demands services of the very highest quality from its suppliers. Since 1992, we have developed a strong and lasting relationship with the EU, having worked with dozens of different EU institutions and bodies of different types and levels.

1983 - Introduction of the first fax translation service in Spain

CPSL continued to put the latest technology to innovative use. It became the first translation company in Spain to offer their clients the speed and convenience of professional translations by fax.

1982 - Introduction of Spain's first telex translation service

CPSL’s current technology-oriented approach is not a new strategy: we have always been at the forefront of technological innovation. We were the first language company in Spain to introduce a telex translation service, allowing our clients to receive translations by telecommunication in the days before fax and e-mail.

1963 - CPSL's ambitious beginnings

Pawlowsky Centro de Traducciones (as CSPL was originally known) was founded in Barcelona, Spain, by Helga Pawlowsky.

You could say that Helga’s entrepreneurial spirit was born of necessity: the daughter of German refugees, she was a widow with seven children to feed. She also had a special gift for linguistics. Spotting a gap in the market for a translation service that could help Spanish companies to communicate with the rest of the world, Helga pioneered a type of service never before seen in Spain.

Interpreting services introduced

When the doors of ‘Pawlowsky Centro de Traducciones’ first opened, the sole focus of our services was translation. However, during our first year of operation we wanted to meet our clients’ needs by broadening our language solutions to include an interpreting service.

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