CPSL is one big family. This is particularly evident in the relationships we have with our clients and colleagues, both those who work in-house and our external partners and collaborators.

At CPSL, your business is our business. The CPSL team is devoted to providing the best service and results for you. Starting from our experienced management team, this filters down to every linguist and translator in all four corners of the globe. The entire team is dedicated to you and your business needs without exception.


Your account manager is selected for you based on experience, industry expertise, and accessibility. He or she has many duties but keeping you happy and informed are primary objectives. A few of the areas where your account manager will be an asset are listed below.

  • Your account manager (AM) is focused on understanding your business and really getting to know what you need, by when, and how. You are the expert in your business, and they are the expert for your multilingual language needs, providing the solutions. Together this creates a powerful team, and the result is being able to get things done easily.
  • Your account manager is your voice within CPSL and will liaise with all of your CPSL team. Your account manager will provide you with feedback from the team and proactive suggestions to keep everything on track. You say what you want or need once, and we act on this immediately.
  • Customer service excellence is standard with us, but heading off any problems before they happen is what makes our account managers truly exceptional.
  • We are not a “set it and forget it” organization. We are constantly refining our services and seeking to improve how we work and provide our services to you. During the critical phase of beginning to work together, your account manager is key and will ensure a full introduction to your ultimate production team.


The production team is here to deliver what you need and make it an efficient and simple process. They are here to save you time and unnecessary headaches.

Your dedicated CPSL project manager will lead all of your projects, providing an additional human point of contact between you and the CPSL team. Your project manager will become an expert on your company and its products, enabling us to serve you like an extension of your own in-house team.

About your project manager:

  • He or she coordinates the staff working on your projects – including translators, proofreaders, interpreters, layout formatters, linguistic leads, and software engineers – in other words, the entire team you require.
  • Your project manager knows you are busy and will take time to work with you. Together, you will agree on the use of terminology management, so that you can make the most of your existing reference materials, glossaries, style guides, and translation memories. And this will save you time and money.
  • Your project manager is dedicated to making sure you get the best possible service and results each and every time you need them.


CPSL’s vendor managers are the coordinating point between our internal departments and the global network of professionals that power our services.

About our vendor managers:

  • They ensure that your CPSL project manager can count on the most suitably qualified and specialized resources for your projects, at all times.
  • They coordinate our rigorous recruitment process, including screening candidates, testing aptitude, and only working with genuine industry experts to deliver you great results every time.
  • They manage the training and continuous evaluation of our collaborators, who include linguists, desktop publishers, software engineers, interpreting equipment suppliers, and others. 


 We have some of the very best technical minds helping our clients with all areas of their international strategy. From localization engineering to translation and interpretation, the technical team works hand in glove with our account managers and project managers to deliver you effective and timely solutions.

About our technical team:

  • It evaluates projects in technical terms, providing support to the production department to ensure the best use of tools and software for our clients’ projects.
  • It identifies the requirements for your projects, applies our bespoke software (if required), and, naturally, works with a diverse range of design software.
  • As part of the team, our IT gurus are also there to back up your documents and any other work so your work is secure and protected at all times within our care. CPSL offers you complete peace of mind at all times.

Do you need graphics editing? Adaption or recreation of brochures, templates or other material?

Whatever your creative requirements, your team is prepared to edit, create, and help. If you are not sure what the best solution is, then our years of experience are on hand to offer free consultation and guidance. And this will guarantee the very best results! 


Quality is the hallmark of CPSL. We have a dedicated team to ensure that our high-quality standards are always upheld. And we work tirelessly to meet and exceed our ISO accreditation requirements. All our work in this respect is fully documented and audited.

  • If there is ever a need to complain or make a suggestion, our quality team is at your service. It will manage this process with dedication. Our quality team is a genuinely customer-focused department with the sole aim of supporting all our teams’ approach to excellence and continuous improvement.
  • Our quality team’s main concern is with customer satisfaction, and measuring and improving it is one of their main activities. The team always welcomes and appreciates honest feedback and suggestions for improvement.


You, like us, have to deal with essential paperwork. In this respect, CPSL’s admin team includes many unsung heroes. They keep the necessary paperwork to a minimum and make sure that information flows smoothly and invoices are dealt with promptly and efficiently. The team is there to help you with any questions of a financial nature, no matter how large or small. The team members are absolute experts in their field and work tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of the administration of a global organization like CPSL.


But it does not end here. CPSL works with a network of over 3,000 professionals based around the world in their native countries. In addition to their indigenous and local knowledge, our partners have a wealth of experience and a vast array of specialist skills. So we are always able to choose appropriate specialists for your projects. 

Recruiting the world’s best resources
At CPSL, we demand the very highest standards from our collaborators. We recruit based on strict quality criteria, using a rigorous but fair process of selection.

  • Candidates provide their CV, detailing their expertise and specialist fields, technical knowledge, experience, and other relevant information. Our vendor management department assesses these.
  • Selected candidates are then asked to take part in an aptitude test. This tests their command of the source language, translation and interpreting skills and techniques, and writing ability and style as well as knowledge of relevant subject fields.
  • If the candidates meet the required standards, we offer our general work terms, and they are added to our database of collaborators.
  • Initially, new candidates join our database on a trial basis. To become a fully approved resource, they must complete at least three projects in accordance with our high standards.

An ongoing quest for quality
Our commitment to quality does not end with the collaborator proving his or her ability in the recruitment process. All of our collaborators are subject to continuous evaluation and receive ongoing feedback on their work. If the quality of work delivered by one of our external partners falls below the standard we demand, they are removed from our database of suppliers. Thanks to this meticulous selection and monitoring process, CPSL has built a vast team of highly skilled freelance linguists who continuously strive for excellence.

Our team continues to develop and grow to serve all our valued clients.

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