Why is Mobile App Localization Important?

Mobile app localization is vital if you intend to compete in foreign markets. This is an equally important step for both Android and iOS apps. In the past, international business was primarily the preserve of gigantic corporations like Ford, Coca-Cola, and Walmart. These industrial giants had the luxury of tailoring their products – and their … Continue reading Why is Mobile App Localization Important?

Medical Science Localization Guide

Choosing a localization company for medical information can be a tricky process. How can you determine that a company who claims to have the resources, experience, and production structure to manage complex medical translation projects actually can deliver a quality product with quality service? The CPSL team has many years of medical science localization under … Continue reading Medical Science Localization Guide

Top 10 Reasons To Translate Your Website

Do you need to translate your website? It’s a great big world out there, and the internet makes it easier than ever before to do business with it. There’s no one universal language in use out there, though, which inevitably means that there are some markets you’re not reaching with a single-language website. If you’re … Continue reading Top 10 Reasons To Translate Your Website

7 Suggestions For Website Localization

CPSL is an expert team of translation and localization specialists and here we share 7 suggestions to help you begin the process of website localization, it just takes a little thought to generate good results. Reaching out to an international audience online requires localizing your website, and that means more than just plugging your HTML into … Continue reading 7 Suggestions For Website Localization

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