At CPSL, we share a mission to help global organizations, businesses, and people to understand each other without language barriers or restricted accessibility.

We enjoy providing the services we offer. Our clients like and appreciate the way we work. Our style of working is in our DNA; it is part of our success and the success of our customers.

Together, we make up a team which acts, works, and relates to its surroundings based on principles and values to which we are firmly committed and which we apply in our daily activity.

How we manage our relationship with you

We provide:

Comprehensive, flexible multilingual support – With dynamic global teams of internal staff and collaborators, ISO processes, and the latest translation tools, we are used to working flexibly within tight deadlines, even in decentralized structures.

Expert linguists – Our worldwide network of linguistic resources combine finely tuned language skills with expertise gained and continually refreshed through being professionally active. Whether they are attorneys, doctors, engineers, deposition or trial interpreters or other specialists, they are skilled in handling the content you require within your or your clients’ specific industry sectors – such as life sciences, machinery, energy, and transportation, to name just a few.

The confidentiality you require – We handle the sensitive data within your content with utmost confidentiality. We transfer your data securely, we work within your nondisclosure agreements, and our personnel, collaborators, and partners are all bound by confidentiality agreements.

Measuring customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction – We believe in listening to our clients and we welcome their feedback. Our annual Client Satisfaction Survey provides us with valuable insight, which helps us to continually improve our services. Furthermore, we ask how we did on a project-by-project basis. So we get your feedback information as soon as we can and act on it.

Our commitment is also seen reflected in our policy of transparency. We provide platforms where you see the status of your projects with CPSL.


Meeting Point – We understand how difficult it can be to keep track of your translation projects. Whether you have one project in progress or many, staying up to date and organized with your quotes, projects, and invoices can be very time consuming.

Thankfully, CPSL Meeting Point brings all of this information together in one place and is accessible anywhere via the web, making things simpler and saving you time.

Meeting Point makes it possible to:

  • check the status of your quotes, ongoing projects, and invoices at any time – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • generate automatic reports on various datasets including project reference codes, start and delivery dates, assigned CPSL project managers and project descriptions
  • easily find what you are looking for, by filtering your data by month, year, status, and a host of other useful criteria
  • plus, with a unique account and password for each user, you can also be sure that your project data is accessed only by authorized staff, giving you absolute peace of mind.
  • To find out more about Meeting Point, our project information tool, and how CPSL can help you keep track of your translation projects more easily, contact CPSL.

If you already have your Meeting Point username and password, please click here.



At CPSL, we understand that investing extra time in sending content is not justifiable nowadays. And because of this, we offer you our file management platform, Filebox. At CPSL, we aim to make translation project management simple for all our clients. And that is why we have made our systems for sending and receiving files as simple and straightforward as possible.

FileBox is a secure file management tool with which you can share batches of files with your CPSL project manager easily and safely, within a secure web area.

FileBox is standardly available to all CPSL clients. Here’s what it does for you. With FileBox, you can:

  • send and receive files quickly and easily. You can also include text comments and messages.
  • easily keep track of files sent and received.
  • share files securely. Each user is given a personal account and password for added confidentiality.
  • monitor all file activity. FileBox automatically keeps a record of all file exchanges and provides straightforward access to this data.

You do not have to get bogged down with emails, trying to keep track of everyone and everything. Learn more about CPSL FileBox, our file management portal, and how we can help you share data and manage your multilingual projects more efficiently.

Find out more. The CPSL team is here to help you.

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