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At CPSL, our main aim is always helping our customers make their work easier and achieve maximum success. Additionally, our awareness is directed at doing this within an ethical and sustainable framework.

Because of this, we dedicate time to devise, develop, and implement new processes and solutions – always taking into account the feedback received from our customers and partners. Because Darwin appropriately said:

“the best is not necessarily the biggest or the strongest, but the one that best knows how to adapt.”

CPSL live and breathe this philosophy and because of it, we adapt to

  • new ways of working and organizing,
  • new and better ways of communicating,
  • new collaboration environments, and
  • new needs.

So how do we do this? We do it by innovating and creatively

  • devising solutions for new needs,
  • finding new partners to consistently develop and improve our services and how we deliver them, and
  • implementing new ideas, concepts, software, and solutions to help you always get the best.

Our adaptability puts us at the very zenith of language service skills. And this is put into practice every time you work with us. We are committed to the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our efforts pay off. And the proof is that, as a result of the excellent work of our teams, our quality certifications are renewed year after year.

In the translation and localization industry, commitment to quality is key. Not just because of regulations, but because poor translations and interpretings can damage a company’s reputation, have negative financial consequences, and even endanger lives. The trust you place in your language services provider should therefore be built on standards demonstrated through strictly-applied methods and processes – rather than relying merely on professed expertise.

CPSL is one of an elite group of language service providers with three ISO certificates: ISO 9001, the quality management system standard, ISO 17100, the international quality standard for translation services, and ISO 13485, the standard for medical devices and related services.

Please feel free to download our quality certifications.

With smoothly integrated services – Better coordination of your multilingual requirements means greater efficiency. CPSL provides complete, tailored language solutions for thousands of translation projects every year. Besides translation and localization of all your content – be it software, multimedia, or documentation – we provide consultation on internationalization. We pave a smooth way for you, from multilingual content creation through to leveraging of new technologies right up to implementing tried-and-tested traditional business procedures.

With efficient, secure, and technology-driven processes – Using our own unique in-house systems and the best of third-party technology, CPSL can handle translations ranging from small to very large volumes of content into multiple languages. We maximize efficiency using automated terminology management and leveraging existing translations. The latest computer-aided translation tools allow us to use repeated content from your documents and save you time and money as a result. We manage your projects more effectively using our own proprietary project management tools and portal. CPSL also guarantees confidentiality and the protection of your material: all data is transferred using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections and server verified certificates. We also work within specific nondisclosure agreements.

Terminology management

CPSL knows how important consistent and accurate use of terminology is. You need consistency of style across all of your multilingual content. These are the objectives of terminology management, a service which ties in with our commitment to total quality and customer satisfaction.

To manage your terminology, CPSL uses cutting-edge CAT tools, which create glossaries and translation memories – in addition to our own language and style guides. Because our terminology management teams continually work to maintain consistency in your translations and reduce costs at the same time.

Consistent and accurate use of terminology
Each of the products, services, marketing campaigns, and sectors you work with has its own terminology. To ensure that you are using appropriate terminology, consistently and accurately, throughout your multilingual documentation, CPSL will create glossaries to manage your terminology for you. These glossaries are shared by everyone involved in the job and are updated with each new project. Glossaries help streamline processes and enable us to maintain consistency in specific industry language across all your products and projects. These glossaries are your intellectual property so will serve you and your international linguistic needs now and in future projects to come.

Language and style guides
Language and style guides help our translators and proofreaders select the most appropriate terms and write in the best possible style, while respecting linguistic conventions. CPSL will create a language and style guide for your translation projects if you wish. Style guides are devised in line with the specific instructions for each project and are subject to approval by you.

Terminology management provides our customers with the best results. Language and style guides are continually updated to incorporate any new information you provide us with. They are living, breathing documents that move in parallel with your business needs. Furthermore, these are your guides that you retain and own. The more we work with you, the more closely adapted to your needs the guides become. Your costs continue to reduce, and the quality of your translations increases.

Find out more. The CPSL team is here to help you.

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