Lucas is CPSL’s in-house project management system, providing centralized access to our databases. It lets us create a smooth and efficient workflow for all your projects. It connects everything we do at CPSL and integrates the various departments across our business, empowering us to seamlessly coordinate our services and teams for you. It helps us to maintain our stringent quality measures in accordance with ISO standards and the related traceability requirements.

Lucas also powers CPSL Meeting Point, our project information tool that allows you to check the status of your projects at any time.

CPSL Tracker: our query management tool – making life easier for you

Complex projects need an optimized and efficient system for managing queries. Responding to this need, at CPSL, we have developed our own proprietary tool designed to maximize efficiency for managing the high number of queries generated by some projects.

CPSL Tracker is an innovative and easy-to-use web application that allows your authorized users to enter and view queries in accordance with their needs. It also includes an automatic and fully customizable notification system that dispenses with the tedious process of sending e-mails and attachments. This level of automation is a breath of fresh air. It frees up your teams’ time, making communication close to effortless.

The benefits of CPSL Tracker:

  • Elimination of isolated query files in which the content is not relevant for future projects.
  • Immediate notification of questions and answers on demand.
  • Storage of all the information in a single location with the option of intelligent filtered searches.
  • Reduction of the number of queries sent to your team as our coordinators will filter and deal with any issues immediately – due to the efficiency of the system.
  • Speed and reliability.

Fully flexible and customizable, CPSL Tracker is suitable for use with a wide variety of customers and complexity levels. This makes project management and internal communication easy and efficient and also keeps all members of your team up to speed.


Memsource is a completely secure cloud-based translation server. It offers a complete web-based translation environment that includes a translation memory, integrated machine translation, terminology management, as well as a desktop translator’s editor. This tool is especially indicated for scenarios where a team of several translators must work in parallel. It allows easy sharing of translation memories and project glossaries.

Memsource is compatible with TMX formats for the translation memory Exchange, as well as other file formats used for glossary creation and terminology management. All project-related material is uploaded to the server and made available to the allocated translation team.


Each translation project is unique. Some require more project management than others. Apart from the translation of content, projects involve many other time-sensitive tasks, including the sending, organizing, and processing of hundreds of files per day. We know these tasks can drain your own in-house resources and add significantly to your project budget. That is why we focus on managing these tasks for you.

It was with this challenge in mind that we designed CPSL MyStep, a proprietary file exchange and project control tool. CPSL MyStep automates the management and sharing of high volumes of translation files. Because we want to spend our time dealing with the content of your projects – rather than on processing files.

Some of the benefits of CPSL MyStep:

  • Automatic sending of the latest project files. MyStep connects to your server at regular intervals to download the latest content.
  • Automatic organization of all project files within CPSL’s ISO-approved project management structure.
  • Automatic sending of translated files for client approval.

Find out more. The CPSL team is here to help you.

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