Computer-aided translation tools – CAT

We understand that you need translations of the very highest quality. You need a consistent style and consistent terminology throughout your multilingual marketing materials, product literature, technical sheets, and all other content. We know that you also want your projects to be completed as quickly as possible and at the lowest possible cost.

This is why, at CPSL, we use the latest computer-aided translation tools (CAT tools) throughout the translation process to deliver all of this and more.

Increasing efficiency means reducing costs

CAT tools detect word repetitions and leverage the content against existing translation memories. This allows us to reuse material from previous translations. That saves time and resources as well as maximizing your budget. CAT technology will also detect specific issues in the text immediately – possibly not anticipated at first human glance. So, we always give you an accurate price and deadline – and there are no unwanted surprises.

Why pay twice?

Translation memory systems remember words that have already been translated. At CPSL, the first stage of any new translation is to analyze the source language content you give us, by comparing it to any translation memory we have created for you. If your new content has words and phrases that have been translated before, these existing translations can be used again. The cost savings are passed on to you, the client.

A complete toolbox of the latest CAT tools

We use all the software you are familiar with. Our team receives continuous training on their use, so that you benefit from their up-to-date expertise.

We remain neutral in our use of the software created by our partners and third parties. This way, we choose the right tools for you, according to your preferences and the workflow and technical environment. If you are new to the translation industry, we can advise you about which software is most suitable for your company and your specific needs.

Some of the many CAT tools at our disposal include (but are not limited to):

  • SDL Trados Studio and SDLX
  • SDL Passolo
  • Madcap Lingo
  • Memsource
  • Star Transit
  • Across
  • Idiom WorldServer
  • Déjà Vu

This is not an exhaustive list, and we can use any tools you prefer or require – with minimal fuss.

Machine translation

With more than 50 years’ experience providing multilingual services, CPSL has adapted to customer requirements. We have increased our efficiency through commitment to technological innovations within the sector.

Machine translation provides a way of instantly translating content from one language to another, while providing an acceptable level of quality at a lower cost than human translation.  This process represents a breakthrough for businesses, since it makes it possible to translate content that would normally not be translated due to the cost. And this in turn naturally results in better business at an international level.

Machine translation has many applications. Here are a few of them:

  • Translation of materials for internal use.
  • Translation of virus alerts or notifications for software programs installed on your computer.
  • Machine translation built into software, internal applications, and chat tools to enable fluent conversations in another language.
  • Content clarification of emails, web pages, or any other digital content.

If you so wish, CPSL will provide the automatic translation service as a stand-alone service. Alternatively, if you have content that has already been translated or you want to improve the quality of your translations, we can offer the services of our post-editing professionals who specialize in specific activity sectors.  If you are interested in this service, please see our post-editing section.


Memsource is a completely secure cloud-based translation server. It offers a complete web-based translation environment that includes a translation memory, integrated machine translation, and terminology management as well as a desktop translator’s editor. This tool is specially indicated for scenarios where a team of several translators work in parallel, as it allows easy sharing of translation memories and project glossaries.

Memsource is compatible with TMX formats for the translation memory Exchange, as well as other file formats used for glossary creation and terminology management. All this project-related material is uploaded to the cloud server and made available to the allocated translation team.

Find out more. The CPSL team is here to help you.

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