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More Than Words: A Brief Guide to the Benefits of Multilingual Multimedia

Engaging multimedia content is a must for any public or private institution or organization that wants to communicate effectively and immediately with diverse audiences. The meteoric rise in social media has changed the way consumers all over the world demand information  and the way institutions and businesses deliver it.

In a fast-paced world buzzing with info and opinions, customers understand that they have a choice. They want to know what an institution or company is thinking and doing, to explore its values and aspirations, and to see what others think. They want to put faces to names and concepts and see philosophies and claims in action. And they want all this in clear, compelling terms, in their own language. This is where relevant, tailored multimedia content is key.

Effective localized original content, subtitles and voiceover can exponentially extend the reach and impact of your organization’s mission and message:  From a promotional product or service video to a news channel, to e-Learning materials, interactive web content, animation or audio… the benefits of creating compelling, accurate multilingual multimedia content speak for themselves.


  1. Reach Far, Reach Fast, Reach First

We snooze, we lose… in a competitive global market place, successful companies and institutions engage audiences far and wide with convincing, memorable content delivered in tailored, and culturally relevant formats.

Visual, audio and interactive content are key tools that enable you to deliver emotions and demonstrate what you do and who you are – far and above one-dimensional verbal claims. What’s more, online platforms can propel the growth of any business by offering fertile ground for multimedia to promote its essence, products and services. Instead of reaching hundreds, with printed materials or a text-based website why not reach hundreds of thousands, get your message shared exponentially, and even go viral?

Multilingual multimedia content that adapts to core dissemination channels and networks can transcend time and distance, build communities, attract new audiences and enhance interest and loyalty. What’s more, it can showcase a company or institution’s ability to move with the times and adapt to the state-of-the-art tools and convenience that its customers expect.

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  1. Show that you care: Accessibility

 There is much more to translation than language exchange. Institutions and companies that tailor their content to their target audience, show that they care about how their message is received –  and who is receiving it.

Social media is fertile ground for interacting with consumers of multilingual content. It can offer valuable feedback on what works and areas for improvement. Opening these channels for ongoing dialogue can provide prime insights – especially if a company or institution can respond appropriately in users’ local language.

With Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a major concern for many businesses (and their consumers), multimedia offers a prime opportunity to enhance accessibility for people with visual or hearing impairments or reading difficulties through the addition of subtitles or voiceover. Various international standards exist to regulate multimedia accessibility, such as the Electronic and Information Accessibility Standards in the U.S., and the ICT procurement standard in Europe, which evaluate and certify an organization or supplier’s accessibility when providing digital or audio-visual products and services as part of a public procurement process.  Your specialized multilingual service provider may help you to comply with these standards and optimize the accessibility of your audiovisual content.


  1. The world is waiting, what are you waiting for?

Whether you are looking for original content, subtitles or voiceover in two or twenty-five languages, a specialized multilingual agency will help you to go to market in additional formats, languages and media to ensure you keep growing with your audience, while optimizing your resources.

They will also help ensure your message isn’t missed or misunderstood. By performing due diligence, your competent multilingual service provider will help prevent legal issues that may arise from inaccurate or non-existent translations into local languages – which is especially important for multimedia eLearning tools and trans-national institutional messaging.

Here at CPSL, we have over 50 years’ experience providing specialized multilingual services to global institutions and companies. Our tried and tested processes are based on rigorous quality control, localized expertise, knowledge and insight, efficient turnaround times and meticulous risk analysis for each project.

We use state-of-the-art technology across all our translation, subtitling and dubbing services, to ensure seamless adaptation to systems, formats and markets. Our integrated localization process ensures ultimate efficiency and accuracy across all multimedia formats, whether we’re producing original multilingual content or applying updates and corrections.

If you’re looking to produce engaging, efficient multilingual multimedia content, why not get in touch: requests@cpsl.com

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