The continual drive for efficiency

Manufacturing industries have evolved, creating a tougher environment for today’s global manufacturers than ever before. Competition has driven more automized processes as well as faster time to market and shorter product life cycles. Just-in-time manufacturing is boosting efficiency by eliminating material waste and saving time. And in the process of globalization, industries are reducing costs through offshoring.  However, this has brought added complications in the form of import restrictions and regulations in many countries.

The challenge – optimizing  all global operations
Increasing efficiency and the quality of all company operations – and not just manufacturing processes – is a vital aspect to remaining globally competitive in this climate. There are many challenges:

Compliance with the many standards, directives, and regulations imposed by local authorities, which often involves preparing multilingual documentation.

The EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, for example, stipulates that essential health and safety requirements for machinery and safety components, as well as instructions for the use of machinery, are provided in the language of the country in which they are to be used.

Simultaneous shipping (sim-ship) of products in all territories, which reduces time to market.

However, it also demands preparation of multilingual product content within the release timeframe. Translation processes need to be accelerated in order to avoid delays that could have a negative impact on sales and profits. At the same time, the highest degree of quality has to be maintained.

A multilingual after-sales service to communicate with customers in their own language throughout the product life cycle.

This involves customer service offices in the relevant countries, partnerships with local companies, online information, or other digital information. For all your communication channels, your after-sales service needs multilingual translation.

Achieving greater efficiency through sophisticated, cost-reducing product manufacturing processes such as laser-cutting, machine tooling, welding equipment, and beyond.

You also need content management (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM), and/or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in general company operations.

Complex communication with local authorities in various languages, and with clients, suppliers, partners, and staff from a variety of cultures all over the globe.

This means managing high volumes of regularly updated content, describing sophisticated products and processes. This will contain elaborate – and critically important – terminology and concepts. Localization has to be carried out quickly and efficiently if costs and time to market are to be optimized.

CPSL is your expert language partner for your global operations
Thanks to the quality and flexibility of our language solutions, CPSL helps leading manufacturers overcome these challenges and increase their competitiveness.

Managing all aspects of your global content: besides translating your specialized technical documentation and marketing content targeted to a variety of cultures, CPSL will advise on the internationalization of your products and services. This could be optimizing content for later translation, for example. We will also support you in adapting your products for export – to fit EU regulations, for instance. We will take care of the entire localization process for your business platforms, product manufacturing systems, product-embedded software, website, web-based applications, and more.

Expertise you can trust: our clients include leading manufacturers from a diverse range of sectors. These include:

  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Pumps and pump systems
  • Mining
  • Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning.
  • Construction
  • Industrial tools
  • Materials handling
  • Tests and procedures
  • Metallurgy
  • Manufacture of plastics and machinery for processing
  • Hoisting equipment

Translation of a wide range of content and documents: with a reputation for quality, built over five decades and our expertise, you know you can rely on us to manage all of the following:

  • Installation, service, user, and repair manuals
  • Guides
  • Textbooks
  • Safety instructions
  • Technical specifications and requirements
  • Plans
  • Labels & packaging
  • User interfaces and help files for embedded software
  • Website content
  • Training materials such as employee handbooks and e-learning tools
  • Standards, test protocols, directives, and material safety data sheets
  • Brochures for consumers

CPSL provides you with accurate and excellent technical translations. Find out more. The CPSL team is here to help you.


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