Bringing the best of AI to your company: CPSL Smart MT

Throughout its history, machine translation has provoked all kinds of fears and prejudices. For many years, it was considered a nest of errors, but is now seen by some as the panacea for all translation needs, reducing translation costs and times…

When is intelligent translation the best option for your company projects?

Obtain this whitepaper today to get yourself familiar with the most important aspects of Smart MT, how and when to use it and how to benefit from AI in your company’s translation projects.

This whitepaper will fill you in about the intricacies of AI and will help you to clear up doubts and understand better issues such as:

  •     The operational side of Smart MT
  •     Types of materials and content that best fit with AI solutions
  •     Advantages (tight deadlines, costs, high volumes…)
  •     The human touch: postediting
  •     Questions related to QUALITY and CONFIDENTIALITY
  •     Why leave it to an expert linguistic provider?

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