Multilingual solutions for the energy sector

We boost the energy that powers the world

The energy sector is an international market where effective communication between employees, customers, suppliers, researchers, and authorities is crucial in order to be successful. It’s a highly dynamic and evolving sector subject to complex and ever-changing national and local regulations relating to environmental requirements, safety, tariffs, etc. In this sort of business environment, controlling costs and risk and ensuring the operational efficiency of the management and distribution of large volumes of documents requires constant analysis of the sector in the quest for a competitive edge.

International companies that care about their reputations and are committed to innovation with the aim of developing cleaner and safer energy will find CPSL to be the perfect partner.

We have all the experience needed to help our customers overcome the challenges posed by their multilingual needs. At CPSL, we put state-of-the-art technology at your disposal to manage projects involving large volumes and highly-complex processes to be managed while keeping costs to a minimum.

Moreover, our ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certifications are a testament to our ability to manage the risks associated with the services we provide and to our proficiency in other areas that help us ensure that we provide the best possible service in each individual project.

The perfect partner for all your language needs

Are you looking for an interpreter to help you close a business deal? Perhaps you need to localize some e-learning courses for your remote teams? Do you need to adapt instructional videos, safety and emergency protocols, or quality and environmental management manuals for the international market? Or maybe you need top-grade interpreting for an international renewable energy conference? CPSL can offer you a wide range of solutions.

Read the Case Study on an important client from the renewable energy sector.

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