Multilingual localization for the ICT and telecommunications sector

New paradigms to connect to clients all over the planet

To achieve success in today’s market, companies in the IT, software, and telecommunications sectors need to go beyond innovation and focus their efforts on attracting the attention of international customers and connecting them to each other with the products and services they offer. Concepts like 5G, the Internet of Things, chatbots, and blockchain are already part of our everyday lives. These emerging technologies improve communication with customers and the user experience. Partnering with a reliable translation and localization service will help you effectively implement these technologies in your professional field. Collaborative platforms and solutions are increasingly user-friendly, but they are underpinned by highly advanced technology. The sector is constantly evolving, and new challenges relating to hyperconnectivity, cybersecurity, and processing large volumes of data have arisen, in addition to those that already existed.

CPSL simplifies the process of localizing content into different languages and places a large team of software testers, localization engineers, graphic designers, programmers, and linguists at your disposal. We make use of AI solutions specific to our sector such as smart machine translation, which allows content to be translated almost instantaneously.

We translate and localize a variety of platforms, a wide range of content, and files in any format

And we do so as if we were part of your team; our in-house tools and applications enable us to seamlessly connect to and work with your content management systems. At CPSL, we have successfully completed hundreds of translation and localization projects for clients in the industry, most notably manufacturers of hardware, operating systems, ECR and CRM systems, and antivirus applications.

With CPSL, not only will the chatbot systems that you use provide coverage 24 hours a day, they’ll do so in multiple languages.

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