Multilingual solutions for the chemical sector

We are committed to sustainability and to flexible production systems

Various overarching considerations will shape the chemical sector’s future. On the one hand, there’s the need to implement new technology and reach optimum levels of digitisation for Industry 4.0. On the other, it’s also important to adapt to customers’ needs by offering flexible manufacturing services that enable, among other things, shorter production cycles. Equally important is the need for good distribution logistics, tracking and tracing systems and data sharing across the supply chain.

We apply new technologies and AI to your processes to offer you flexible linguistic services and to help you optimise the timescales of your international ventures. Protecting our health and safe handling of chemical substances are two of the chemical sector’s priorities. To this end, it is subject to laws such as the REACH Regulation, which often require material to be available in multiple languages.

One mistranslated word can lead to a competitive disadvantage or even be dangerous for users.

You can trust CPSL to manage your company’s multilingual information quickly, accurately and without risk.

Constant innovation

The chemical sector strives for constant innovation and the design of its production facilities is changing, redefining the nature of collaboration between humans and machines. This same collaboration exists within CPSL; our experienced human team avails itself of the very latest latest technology. Over 300 specialists combine hands-on experience with knowledge of national and international regulations and familiarity with the specific terminology used in the chemical sector.

We create multilingual versions of all sorts of communication and marketing material: from environmental policies to specific documents such as chemical dossiers, chemical safety reports, safety data sheets, toxicological reports, log files and drug master files.

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