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CPSL's beginnings

Helga Pawlowsky founds the company Pawlowsky Centro de Traducciones (CPSL's original name) in Barcelona, Spain.

It could be argued that Helga’s entrepreneurial spirit was rooted in her life history as the daughter of German refugees, in addition to being a widow with seven children. Helga had a gift for languages, and she spotted a gap in the market for a translation service that could help Spanish companies communicate with the rest of the world. Helga was a pioneer, offering a service that was virtually unknown in Spain at that time.

Inclusion of interpreting services

When we first opened Pawlowsky Centro de Traducciones, our services revolved solely around translation. During the company's first year of operation, however, we expanded them to include interpreting.

We have kept our founder's pioneering spirit alive, and it has helped us become what we are today: a company that is successfully positioned in the international market and has made a name for itself worldwide by offering linguistic solutions that help organizations gain a foothold in new markets and communicate in any language and cultural context.


CPSL wins one of its biggest clients: The European Union


As CPSL grew in both size and the quality of our services, we began to work with bigger and more prestigious organizations. One of the most important was the European Union (EU), which includes a number of institutions that understandably demand first-rate service from their suppliers. Since 1992, we have built a strong partnership with the EU and successfully delivered thousands of projects for official European Community institutions and bodies.


CPSL helps create new translation quality standards for the EU


The aim of the Quartet MLIS 3005 project, sponsored and funded by the European Commission, was to develop new translation quality standards. CPSL was one of four innovative companies that partnered in this exciting project. This cemented our position as one of Europe's leading providers of top-quality language services. Our participation was a milestone in our efforts to implement efficient workflows and smart technology to enable us to deliver consistent, controlled top-quality results.


CPSL’s ISO 9001 certification attests to the quality of its services


Upon expanding the scope of our linguistic services, we set our sights on equipping ourselves with the means needed to monitor and improve the processes involved in providing these services. In 2004, we earned our first ISO 9001 quality standard certification. This standard sets out criteria for companies’ quality management systems and is generally viewed as a guarantee of the quality of the services that they provide.

We have earned 4 certifications to date, and we have also had a hand in developing some ISO standards, such as ISO 18587:2017, which lays down requirements for the process of post-editing machine translation (MT) output.


CPSL celebrates its 50th anniversary by launching new technologies and earning the ISO 13485 certification


CPSL's quality management system earns it the ISO 13485 certification

Our quality management system's certification to the ISO 13485 standard for medical devices makes us a global leader in the provision of language services to the healthcare sector.

CPSL celebrates its 50th anniversary

Offering a comprehensive portfolio of integrated language services to customers all over the world, today –50 years after it was founded– CPSL is far more than our founder, Helga Pawlowsky, ever dreamed it could be. With offices in Barcelona, Madrid, and Ludwigsburg, as well as regional representatives in the UK, we have made a clear commitment to working closely with our clients and efficiently meeting their needs.

CPSL opens its first office on the USA's east coast in 2015

As CPSL continued to grow, rising demand in the USA led us to expand our operations by opening an office in the United States. Our Boston office brings us physically closer to our American clients and allows us to offer round-the-clock service (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year).


We’ve turned 60!


We’re celebrating our Diamond Anniversary this year, and in an interview with CEO Tenesoya Pawlowsky, we recall the achievements reached throughout our 60 years of history.

60 years of impressive collaboration and partnerships with so many talented people. For everyone involved in our journey, from clients to freelancers, to friends, to partners: a big thank you for the trust you’ve placed in us over the years.

60 years of making our customers’ multilingual business challenges our own

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