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CPSL at BioWales: Partnering with life science industry professionals

What exactly is BioWales and who will be there?

The BioWales conference brings together stakeholders from business, academia and healthcare, who come to share their front-line research, technology and products and form strategic partnerships with others in the field. The conference is planned with interactive workshops, seminars, networking opportunities, dedicated partnering sessions and presentations from industry leaders, academic researchers, government officials and even cabinet secretaries. There are great opportunities to be had here.

There will be a discussion on Innovation and partnerships in the NHS by none other than NHS Wales Chief Executive Andrew Goodall; Chief Medical Officer of Proton Partners International for Wales, Professor Karol Sikora will present Leading the future of UK oncology with proton beam therapy; added topics will cover models for transferring research into innovative therapies; Cell and Gene Therapies; Creating transformational partnerships and many more.


This is the 16th annual BioWales and this year the theme is Innovation, Partnerships and Prosperity. Today, we would like to focus on new partnerships: CPSL will meet with industry professionals to present ourselves, make contacts and build present and future alliances of mutual benefit. This event really lends itself to easy networking and introductions.

Translation and localization are essential processes in the life sciences supply chain. Any company that wants to gain a foothold and market reach abroad will need to depend on partners that deliver high-quality translation and localization services, and which do so seamlessly.  These partners must be familiar with the language of regulatory requirements at all levels. Documentation for any product, pharmaceutical, medical device, clinical study, or any other technology, service or research in the life sciences industry, needs to meet the requisites of local regulators including translations into local languages and adaptation to local standardized formats.

BioWales innovation

Translation and localization partners should have an appreciation of EU clinical trial legislation and international clinical practice, plus the individual standards and regulations of the different European member states or of the given country of the target market, all of which will have their own standards. Regulators of course then require changes after they review the documents and updates are needed as standards evolve and change.

For life science start-ups and established companies looking to bring their new technologies, innovations and unique products into foreign markets, the particular kind of partnership we can offer will be crucial for their future growth.

Why partner with CPSL?

How do you know that a localization partner will provide a smooth, reliable service that eases the process of entering foreign markets? Here are some of the guarantees we offer our partners:

  • Certification: This is key. CPSL is one of a select few language service providers with 3 ISO quality certificates, ISO9001, ISO13485 and ISO17100.
  • Experience. CPSL has been building on its knowledge and processes in the industry since its inception in 1963. We’ve been doing this for a long time, we know the ins and outs, and how to ensure accuracy and how to stay abreast of applicable changes.
  • We use industry-leading technologies to process our clients’ work, translation memories and glossaries to guarantee consistency and regulatory compliance.
  • Linguists: Our global teams are carefully selected and vetted with demonstrated experience in the life sciences. Collaborators have to pass stringent vetting to work with us in this field.
  • References: Join more than 120 industry-leading clients at CPSL including Bayer, Bio-Rad Laboratories, EKF Diagnostics, Novartis, Oxford Instruments, Trinity BioTech and many more in medical devices, pharmaceutical technology and research, biotech start-ups, companies working in cell and gene therapies, neurosciences, in vitro diagnostics and more.

Life science is an innately collaborative field in which all partners and stakeholders work towards a common good. CPSL has the processes in place, the experience and the guarantee of ISO certification to ensure that our translation and localization processes give our collaborators reason to rely on us, refer us to others and return to us for all their projects. We work towards their success.


BioWales is the ideal venue to start up new and prosperous collaborations. We look forward to seeing you there. Contact us !

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