Sworn translations and multilingual services for the legal sector

Maximum linguistic accuracy, in record time

The information that is handled in the legal sector has very particular characteristics. Legal documents, which are highly complex and require the strictest confidentiality, almost always need to be managed within very tight deadlines. A misplaced comma or punctuation mark can have serious consequences, which is why multilingual services for the legal sector require the utmost precision and accuracy.

Sworn translators

After over six decades working with law firms and different legal systems, CPSL boasts a global network of professionals who specialize in the legal sector and sworn translations. Not only are they fully acquainted with legal terminology and the law in specific local markets, they have also gained legal experience through professional practice.

Our processes are certified to the ISO 9001 international quality standard and to the ISO 17100 standard, which is specific to the translation industry, ensuring that only the most qualified professionals are chosen to work on projects. In addition, we recently earned the ISO 27001 information security and data integrity certification.

Meticulous attention to detail in your official documents

We can help you when you need a sworn translation or have to translate commercial documents, employment documents, legal records, laws, regulations, or other texts. We also offer court interpreting services as well as transcriptions of legal statements or any other recorded material, and we can advise you on the most cost-effective way to translate a patent in order to save you money when applying for an international patent.

Accuracy, attention to detail, and strict adherence to agreed deadlines are some of the hallmarks of the language services that we provide to the legal sector. Our language solutions are underpinned by the most advanced translation tools in the market and by cutting-edge technology. Read about our ISO certifications. Download your free guide to using Smart MT for your projects.

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