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We work to globalize health and well-being

Medicine is becoming increasingly global, which means it’s essential for medical and technical information and documentation to be available in multiple languages. Moreover, public organizations and private companies in the medical sector need to comply with very stringent requirements and regulations that ensure people’s wellbeing and safety. Accurately preserving the exact meaning of the original language is crucial in this sector. Given this, CPSL complements the work of its expert professionals by adhering to the risk management and control criteria of the ISO 9001 and 13485 standards for medical devices, as well as those of the ISO 17100 standard, all of which the company has been certified for.

We make our team of professionals, our industry’s latest technology, and our project management expertise available to you to make your content and communications truly global in scope: localization of medical software and other applications, information leaflets, e-learning content for medical and healthcare professionals, regulatory compliance (CE) documents, operating manuals, installation manuals, patents, manufacturing procedures, interpreting services for international medical congresses, etc.

At CPSL, we have loyal clients from the medical sector who have been using our services for over 20 years. We have translated almost 80 million words for them.

What can we help you with?

We love challenges, like the one that Medaphor set us. Its innovative ScanTrainer was supposed to become a multilingual training tool that would help doctors and sonographers acquire ultrasound scanning skills. We achieved our objective with appropriate planning of the project’s localization needs and a detailed study of its specific requirements. Today, ScanTrainer is a powerful international tool that works to promote health.

Read the Case Study here.

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