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Small www.orld: which languages rule the internet?

It’s no secret that languages are, sadly, no more immortal than civilisations or species. Still, it’s jaw dropping to consider that around 915 languages around the world are reportedly on the brink of extinction. The predator? Forget fire, starvation or meteorite showers.

The Internet  – the world’s fastest and furthest-reaching communication tool – may be contributing to the death of some global languages. Over half (54.5%) of worldwide web content is in English. What’s more, increasing numbers of users prefer it.

So, which languages rule the Internet? Let’s take a closer look at who rules the roost.


One of the primary languages online is English and this may be the dominant virtual lingua franca, but it’s certainly not the only contender. The world’s biggest sites embrace linguistic diversity: Google Search supports 348 languages. When it comes to social media, Facebook recognised 120 languages in 2015, Twitter, 48, and LinkedIn, a mere 24.

Communicating with customers and colleagues all over the world has never been so easy – or so complex. We’ve all cringed reading a website or email that has been through an online text translator – or given to a well-intentioned intern to translate at 5.27pm on a Friday afternoon.

Consumers of all ages prefer reading about a product/service in their own language. If a potential customer can get the lowdown in their native tongue, they’re much more likely to purchase – and less likely to abandon a website.

If you’re a global company looking to produce targeted, multilingual digital content, the following pointers might help:

Online Language Services CPSL

Languages & Digital Communication – A world of difference

Clear, concise and coherent digital communication is crucial for companies and professionals everywhere – whether you’re cultivating an online presence in one, two or twenty languages.

Partnering with a specialised language service provider can ensure that your multilingual digital content is accurate, relevant and credible. A proficient, experienced translation agency will provide targeted localisation services, implement rigorous quality control, and work with you to transmit your message and commitment to your customers, wherever they may be.

Language Expertise – A True understanding

Translating digital content goes much further than just words on a screen. Effective, meaningful translations enhance a brand’s message, boost global strategy and can even help a company to identify and address core business issues.

An experienced language service partner will work alongside you to fully understand your values, goals and challenges – not to mention your deadlines and budgetary constraints.

Cultural fluency

Reputable translation agencies only work with native, specialised linguists that fully comprehend the nuances and specificities of the industry, sector and audience. This knowledge and insight enables them to apply the most appropriate tone and style, while avoiding the use of terms or references that could be misinterpreted by your target. This is essential, for example, when writing in, or translating to English for international web users.

One (virtual) size doesn’t fit all

These days, few global companies rely exclusively on a website to serve as their digital business card.

Successful brands engage their customers in an on-going, virtual dialogue. From forms to forums, tags to tweets, posts to pins… interaction is a core business strategy. It provides valuable feedback and enables companies to tap and target key markets and consumer profiles.

A proficient language service partner will also help you to tailor your content to the specific format you need – whether you’re updating product information, responding to a consumer query, Tweeting about your latest event, subtitling a spot, or hosting a webinar…

Online Languages – Where are we @?

In today’s highly competitive online world where reputations can be made or broken in a click, working with a professional language service provider can vastly improve your company’s global reach, impact and image.


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