Multilingual pharmaceutical translations

A living science that speaks various languages

The pharmaceutical market is international in scope, and adapting your material to the language of your target market or the relevant authority is of vital importance. Misuse of a term in the language in question can have undesirable consequences (ranging from rejection of registration dossiers to serious repercussions on the health or even the life of end users). All product information and related content must be provided in the local, native language of both health professionals and end consumers.

The majority of pharmaceutical companies develop drugs for a global market, which are later marketed at the local level in various countries. That’s why it’s so important to be able to rely on a partner that can provide multilingual services to support this process of internationalisation.

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High-quality documentation is essential throughout the product life cycle.

CPSL can help you with your product launch campaigns, text for packaging, labels and inserts, patient information leaflets, website content, product videos, training videos, support material for industry professionals, trial protocols, patents, registration dossiers, informed consent forms, instructions for use, clinical trial documentation and evaluation reports.

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