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Why multimedia localisation services are key in the approach to audiovisual content and in choosing the right format

Audiovisual translation services seek to make different types of content available in several languages, whether the content is e-learning, corporate videos, AR apps, or documentaries. Each type of content has specific idiosyncrasies and is made up of different parts in various formats (audio, video, animation, etc.), consequently requiring unique approaches. The mission of multimedia localization […]

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How to leverage the power of the latest technologies to make your multilingual product manuals more effective

Finding the right support for technical translation is essential for ensuring that your audience understands how to use or operate your products or machines. Technical manuals, user catalogues and professional training guides have always been the “genre” of choice for manufacturers and have always been translated by specialized experts with the help of glossaries and […]

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Augmented reality and education in companies: how to create a multilingual training course to die for

Augmented reality and modern technologies can be used to create instructional materials, videos and multimedia products that have proved to be more effective for learners than traditional content such as manuals or written instructions. So, what other EdTech innovations can help companies enhance their brand while offering modern and memorable learning experiences? Augmented reality companies […]

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EdTech: what technologies are shaping the multilingual education of the future?

The pandemic is further accelerating the separation of learning from the traditional classroom setting. Even e-learning is beginning to seem a little outdated compared to the unconventional, disrupting technologies supporting EdTech today. What are these technologies, and how can they make the interactive (corporate) learning experience more appealing and produce better results? There is a […]

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